where we get it

thoughtful sourcing for thoughtful people

In 2010 we made the decision to purchase our ham, bacon, chicken, turkey and eggs from responsible suppliers who support family farms that raise healthy animals on nutritious feed and plenty of water. They also have room to grow, naturally.

Just like you do at home when thinking about how to spend your food dollars, we continually evaluate our sources. It takes time and costs a little more. But it's important because the costs many don't see—those of agribusiness on the planet and on animals who depend on us for their care—are simply unsustainable.

"We're committed to supporting a better way: for the planet, for the animals, for my family and for yours." Richard French, founder and president

chicken and turkey

  • Cage free, from family farms
  • Vegetarian grain fed
  • No antibiotics
  • No added hormones
  • Certified Humane Raised and Handled

bacon and ham

bacon and ham

the Souder farm, one of the family farms that provides our nitrate- and nitrite-free bacon and ham

  • From family farms
  • Vegetarian grain fed
  • No antibiotics
  • No added hormones
  • Cured without nitrates
  • Raised in open, sheltered pens
  • American Humane Certified

happy cows make the best milk

happy cow
  • No bovine growth hormone rBST
  • Cream cheese from family farms
  • Cheddar cheese and butter come from Cabot farm co-op

rio negro coffee

rio negro coffee

Our Rio Negro single-estate grown coffee comes from a Rainforest Alliance Certified plantation in Costa Rica.

Why is single-estate coffee better? Well, for one, using beans from one plantation means you know exactly what you're getting, 100% of the time. With our coffee we get a commitment to sustainability, for farms and farmers, from growing to harvesting to roasting ... to you.

for the planet:

  • hand weeding – no herbicides or pesticides
  • biodiverse farming – the Poro shade trees provide a rich habitat for birds while shading the coffee plants from the harsh tropical sun
  • biomass coffee-drying furnaces burn waste from the coffee fruit
  • water treatment plant and hydro-electrical turbines create renewable, pollution-free power

for the farmers:

  • higher wages
  • dental and medical clinics
  • modern housing with hydro-electricity and a housing program for retiring workers
  • annual assistance with educational materials for local schools

flour power

flour power