fresh salads & hearty soups

crisp fresh salads

In-season, local greens with house-made Vermont maple balsamic, Caesar, avocado ranch, Greek, or creamy vegan dill dressing.

  • the garden 5.49
    mixed greens topped with tomato, cucumber, carrot, red onion, sprouts with creamy vegan dill dressing
    • add grilled chicken breast7.99
      antibiotic-free and humanely raised
    • add house-made chicken salad with almonds or tuna salad6.99
      antibiotic-free, humanely raised chicken or dolphin-free albacore tuna
  • the Caesar 5.49
    crisp romaine, house-made croutons, Parmesan cheese with Parmesan- and garlic-infused creamy Caesar dressing
    • add grilled chilcken breast7.99
      antibiotic-free and humanely raised
  • the chef 7.49
    antibiotic-free, all-natural roast turkey, naturally-cured ham, Vermont cheddar with Vermont maple balsamic on our fresh Garden salad
  • the Greek 6.99
    Feta, garbanzo beans, kalamata olives, tomato, cucumber, red onion with Greek dressing on mixed greens

We'll happily substitute a different dressing on request

  • the Mediterranean 7.49
    fresh mozzarella, roasted artichoke hearts, roasted red pepper, tomato, red onion, sprouts  with Vermont maple balsamic on fresh baby spinach
  • the Caribbean 7.99
    spiced, grilled all-natural chicken breast, mango-pineapple salsa, tomato, pineapple with avocado ranch dressing on mixed greens
  • apple chicken 7.99
    grilled all-natural chicken breast, apple, tomato, carmamelized onion, roasted almonds with avocado ranch dressing on mixed greens

    Click here for the Keene and Brattleboro menu, including organic ancient-grain bowls with quinoa

hearty soups - selections change daily

Made using fresh veggies, homemade stock, and humanely-raised meats. What's not used? MSG.

soups du jour 3.99 bowl

could be lentil, tomato basil, cream of broccoli, chicken veggie rice, Hungarian mushroom, roasted vegetable, minestrone, beefy barley, carrot ginger, chicken noodle, chipotle sweet potato, Italian wedding, potato, pasta fagioli, tomato feta, or tomato & garden veggies

chilis & chowders (most days) 4.69 bowl

could be a traditional clam chowder with Quahog clams, hormone-free milk, potato and sautéed onion; warm-you-from-the-inside veggie chili or buttery, thick, corn chowder made with hormone-free milk

two's a meal 8.49

choose two from the following:

  • half sandwich or panini on fresh artisan bread (except smoked salmon)
  • bowl of hot, hearty, delicious soup, chili, or chowder
  • small Garden salad with house-made creamy vegan dill dressing (let us know if you'd like one of our other house-made dressings, which are listed above)




*Before placing your order, please alert us to your food allergy or special dietary need.
Prices and availability may vary.