house-made, from scratch, delicious

  • chicken salad – made from antibiotic-free real chicken breast and fresh vegetables, all hand-chopped and mixed in-house
  • tuna salad made from line-caught Albacore tuna, blended with freshly chopped apples, vegetables and fresh herbs
  • all natural, New York style bagels, boiled and baked in small batches with unbleached, unbromated flour and sweetened with pure malt syrup, not refined sugar
  • flavored, hand-whipped cream cheese and house-made hummus
  • fresh, crisp salads with our own house-made dressings
  • brain freeze frozen coffee drinks made from Rio Negro single plantation coffee, triple-brewed with the flavoring of your choice–no fructose here!
  • real fruit smoothies made with Stonyfield® organic yogurt
  • Stonyfield® organic yogurt parfaits made with real fruit and our own granola