breakfast all day



bagels like Irv Schlotnik used to make – New York style, boiled and baked in small batches all day long. Unbleached, unbromated flour and pure malt syrup.

  • just a bagel 1.19
  • half dozen 5.99
  • baker's dozen 9.99


cream cheese*

Plain or flavored, hand-whipped daily with fresh ingredients. Hormone-free from Vermont family farms.

  • plain, veggie, herb, scallion, bacon scallion, olive, maple raisin walnut or seasonal flavors
    on a bagel 2.69 1/2 lb. tub 3.49
  • plain or veggie Tofutti® (non dairy)
    on a bagel 2.99 1/2 lb. tub 3.99
  • cold-smoked kosher salmon spread
    on a bagel 2.99 1/2 lb. tub 3.99

simple schmears

  • butter or jam 1.99
  • natural peanut butter 2.49
  • natural pb&j 2.69

Click here for the new Keene and Brattleboro menu, including organic ancient-grain breakfast bowls with quinoa

how 'bout them eggs?

We use local eggs from cage-free hens fed a vegetarian grain diet. Scrambled on a bagel, bread or wrap. And our meats are antibiotic-free, from farms with humanely-raised certification.

  • scrambled eggs 2.99
  • scrambled eggs + Vermont cheddar 3.49
  • scrambled eggs + naturally-cured ham, bacon or sausage and Vermont cheddar 4.49
  • scrambled eggs + spinach and Vermont cheddar 3.99
  • scrambled eggs + naturally-cured ham,
    bacon or sausage, spinach and Vermont cheddar 4.89
  • huevos hamcheros wrap: scrambled eggs, naturally-cured ham, Vermont cheddar, salsa, on a plain, whole wheat or spinach wrap4.69
  • western wrap: scrambled eggs, naturally-cured ham, Vermont cheddar, tomato, roasted red pepper, roasted onion, on a plain, whole wheat or spinach wrap4.99

+ lettuce, tomato, onion, sprouts .50 ea.

naturally good

  • fresh fruit cup3.69
    hand-cut and made daily with cantaloupe, honeydew melon, pineapple, grapes
  • Stonyfield® yogurt parfait 3.69
    organic Stonyfield yogurt, raspberries, wild Maine blueberries, house-made granola

just baked & more

Melt-in-your mouth, fresh baked with unbleached, unbromated flour and real butter.


  • scones 2.29
    blueberry, cranberry orange, cinnamon chip
  • muffins 2.29
    blueberry, lemon poppy, cranberry walnut, coffee cake, raisin bran, baker’s surprise
  • croissants 2.49
    butter, almond, chocolate
  • Danish 2.49
    raspberry, apple, cheese
  • assorted pastries 2.49
    cinnamon roll, palmier
  • gluten-free muffins 3.29
    ask at your favorite Works café for today's flavor
  • cookies 1.49
    chocolate chocolate chunk, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, cranberry orange oatmeal
  • brownies & bars 2.49
    fudge brownie, maple walnut brownie, raspberry oat bar


artisan bread

All natural, hand formed, baked in French ovens.

  • French batard (full loaf, 16 oz.) 3.99
  • sourdough (half loaf, 20 oz.) 5.49
  • multigrain (half loaf, 26 oz.) 5.99
artisan bread


Before placing your order, please alert us to your food allergy or special dietary need.
Prices and availability may vary.